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Asema Kustannus (Asema Publishing) is an independent publisher of comics. Established in 2000, our focus is on high quality stories with emphasis on depth and artistic value. We publish approximately 4-5 books annually. Asema is run by two acclaimed comic artists, Ville Ranta and Mika Lietzén.

Most of our books are only available in Finnish. The following books contain English subtitles:

Kummituslapsi (The Ghost Child)
Talviunta 1  & 2 (Winter Dreaming 1 & 2) by Mari Ahokoivu, 2013
Kaksi pientä novellia (Two Stories) by Mika Lietzén, 2012
Leijonan veri velvoittaa
(The Blood of the Lion Obligates) by Jyrki Heikkinen, 2012
Syliivaellus Intiaan
(A Hugrimage to India) by Hanna Koljonen, 2011
Enimmäkseen hyvä näkyvyys (Expected: Mostly Clear) by Hannele Richer, 2011
Taksi Kurdistaniin (Taxi to Kurdistan) by Aino Sutinen, 2009
Löydä minut tästä kaupungista
(Find Me in This City) by Mari Ahokoivu, 2009
(Elegy) by Mika Lietzén, 2008 (English text as an appendix)
Aleksis Kiven päivä
(Aleksis Kivi's Day) Anthology Laikku 06, 2006
Uusissa maisemissa (New Horizons) by Terhi Ekebom, 2005
Laikku 03: Finnish Writers in Comics Anthology, 2003
Laikku 02 Anthology, 2002
Laikku 01 Anthology, 2001

Some of our books have been translated into foreign languages:

Elegia by Mika Lietzén
French translation: Élégie, published by Actes Sud / Editions de l'An 2, France 2009

by Ville Ranta
French translation: L'Exilé du Kalevala, published by Editions çà et là, France 2009
Swedish translation: Kajana, published by Optimal Press, Sweden

by Jyrki Heikkinen
French translation: Le Lichen Rouge, published by La Cinquième Couche, Belgium 2007.

Isi on vähän väsynyt by Ville Ranta
French translation: Papa est un peu fatigué, published by Cà & Là, France 2006.

Sade by Ville Ranta
Polish translation: Deszcz, published by Atropos, Poland 2005.

For further information or review copies, please contact us by e-mail.

Contact information:

IBAN: FI79 5741 3620 5801 31

Foreign orders can be paid to our account (information above) or through Paypal (please add 1 euro to the total cost for Paypal handling fees). Address Paypal payments to For orders to European countries, the postage is 1 euro for each book ordered. An example: Talviunta 2 and Kummituslapsi to Germany, paid through Paypal:
10 + 25 (books) + 1 + 1 (postage for EU) + 1 (Paypal fee).

For all other countries, please contact us for details.

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